Client Success Stories

Self-Employed Mortgage with Ease!

"Mortgage Approval Centre got my mortgage approved after several banks and mortgage brokers turned me down. As a self-employed individual with bruised credit, I didn't think it would be possible to get the mortgage I needed, but the team at Mortgage Approval Centre found a way. Now I'm in the home that's right for me and my family and I could not be happier!"

Carmen R

Refinanced our tight deal and got rid of our Second Mortgage!

"We were struggling to stay a float with our first and second mortgage and were desparetly looking to refinance. We tried several times to refinance our mortgage but each time some sort of financial variable held us back. After several attempts with other parties, we found Mortgage Approval Centre. They listened to our needs and were able to secure a mortgage approval for us from a top 5 bank. Now we have one mortgage payment and can rest at night knowing we don't have to worry about coming up short on our bills from one week to the next."

Jeff and Lisa

Purchased Our First Home thanks to a High Value Mortgage Pre-Approval

"Thanks to Mortgage Approval Centre, we were able to purchase our first home together. The team at Mortgage Approval Centre got us a mortgage pre-approval that allowed us to buy a great home in a family friendly neighbourhood. The entire experience was made comfortable and pleasant. We could not have asked for anything more!"

Jarnail and Mona

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